3 Of The Best Travel Essentials You Need In New Zealand This Summer


While we might not be jetting overseas this Christmas, we may still be getting on a plane and enjoying our very own and very lovely country! Travel, be it only domestic can still present itself with some challenges. So, we always pack our favourite New Zealand travel essentials for the journey.


Fight Off Infection

Our Throat Spray is amazing for taking on planes, buses, taxis – anywhere. Often ‘bugs’ enter into our body via our respiratory system (first through our mouth/nose). So, if you can stop it travelling further then it can help reduce the chances of you getting sick. We have chosen powerful antibacterial and antiviral herbs; Central Otago thyme and sage. Both of which help reduce inflammation and support immunity.

This makes it an absolute travel essential when you’re exploring New Zealand and exposed to crowded places like airports. It is great if you have a tickly sore throat. It helps to numb and soothe the sore area (we use clove specifically for this). If you have been around people who are sick it can help boost your first line of defence.

Not only this but our Throat Spray can help with mouth health. If you experience sore teeth, swollen gums, or gingivitis, our Throat Spray is the travel essential you need onboard. Sage, thyme, and propolis help reduce inflammation as well as imparting antibacterial properties. Our spray is also great as a mouth freshener (we have also snuck in peppermint, cinnamon, and orange peel). These all have therapeutic benefits as well as giving our spray an amazing taste.


Protect Your Skin

Our Golden Skin Repair helps with all things skin and nerves. The most amazing St John’s Wort and kawakawa are steeped in organic olive oil that makes for an incredibly versatile oil. It is great for the itchy bites that the warmer weather brings, as well as helping the skin if it has had too much sun, or if there have been any grazes and scratches. You can see why it is a travel essential in our sometimes harsh New Zealand summer conditions.

Golden Skin Repair is also deeply nourishing and hydrating, making a great night oil, and is perfect for dried lips. It can even help with unruly hair in more humid climates! Plus, for sore muscles, it is wonderful for nerves.

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Overeaten? No Problem

Our Liver Bitters is a travel essential for the holiday season in New Zealand. This is of course the season of summer barbecues, family brunches, and Christmas feasts. It is pretty much a given that we will overindulge in something – and bitters can help with that uncomfortable feeling we have if we have eaten too much! Plus, it can be extremely helpful the next morning if we have had one too many glasses of Christmas cheer.

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Creating A New Habit

Wild Dispensary is all about simplicity and sustainability. Things have to be easy to be able to be maintained and that goes for daily habits that extend through the holiday season! Our wild-harvested, New Zealand made travel essentials are the perfect addition to your suitcase. Conveniently sized they're easy to slip into your handbag or carry on so they'll always be at hand whenever you need them.

AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 

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