Golden Skin Repair Oil

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Golden Skin Repair Oil - Wild Dispensary

St John's wort & kawakawa oil. 100% natural restorative oil made from wild and New Zealand native herbs.  Traditionally used to relieve nerve and muscle pain, and to ease irritated or damaged skin.

Close up of St John's wort in flower. Brilliant yellow.

St John's Wort in flower

Close up of perfect green kawakawa leaves.

Kawakawa leaf


Wild harvested Central Otago St John’s wort, Golden Bay kawakawa, certified organic olive oil.


Apply to affected area 3 times daily.

Always read the label and use as directed.

If symptoms persist, please see your health professional.

Harvesting St John's wort in summer in Central Otago, New Zealand.


St John’s wort thrives in shingle fans and beside rivers and lakes in Otago.  We hand pick the golden flowers in summer when the sun is shining to ensure the flowers’ maximum potency.

Our kawakawa is hand picked in Golden Bay near Nelson.