The 5 Things We Do To Ensure Sustainability


We Care About The Environment

The plastic pollution and the waste crisis we are facing means we all need to do a little more towards positive change for our planet and the species in it. Traditional linear economies have created huge resource wastage, along with land and water degradation.

As a business we are aware that we contribute to this issue. Therefore we believe it is our responsibility to strive for best practice. Here are some of the things we do to increase our sustainability as a New Zealand business.


Plastic Free Dispatch 

If you've purchased any of our products before you'll know that it arrives to you plastic free! We send our products out in a cardboard box. Fragile glass is wrapped in carboard and the box is stuffed with some extra paper for protection. Our gift boxes are stuffed with wood wool, a substance made out of untreated fine wood fibres, which you can throw on your compost at home! Even our packing tape is plastic free and made from high grade paper.


Waste Minimisation 

During the production process we are focused on everything we can to do minimise waste. This means as well as having a plastic free dispatch we also ensure that we compost 100% of our herb and organic matter. We are constantly striving to do better in everything that we do. This means we carry out regular waste audits to see the areas where we can improve.

The Benefits Of Wild Harvest

Now this lies at the very core of our brand. It is of course our brand name and wild harvesting is what we do. From the mountains in Central Otago to the plants a little closer to home, we utlise what we have locally. One of the main benefits of wild harvesting is that it has a low environmental impact. We are sourcing herbs that are in abundance and without packaging, just as nature intended them.

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Our Labels

At Wild Dispensary we put careful thought into all the materials we use for our products, even down to the label. We opted to use Rockstock labels which are produced from the offcuts left over by the building industry, which is then ground down and made into an amazing photodegradable label!

The ink used on the label is not harmful to the environment. After hand labeling our products we save and return the backing our labels come on so they can be given a new life.

Another great thing about these labels is that they are easy to remove, which is important if you are going to return your bottles to us so we can reuse them. Just rinse your bottle with some hot water and you can tear off your label in one go.


Our Bottle Re-Use Scheme

The benefits of using glass bottles is that we can reuse them! At select stockists you can return your bottles from where you bought them and they'll get them back to us. However, if they do not accept bottle returns or you order with us online, we offer a courier pick up service. All you have to do is get in contact with us when you have six or more bottles and we will get them collected from your house so we can reuse them! 

We donate $1 to the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital for every web order and for every bottle returned.

Our bottle return scheme is a form of Product Stewardship. The Sustainable Business Network recognises businesses who are taking responsibility for the life cycle of their products. That means designing and making products to last, or putting systems in place to enable them to be reused and recycled, like our bottle reuse scheme!



Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

Up to 80% of our native species are under the threat of extinction. Both our native species and their habitats are in need of help! The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital are the only facility of it's kind in the South Island, which is home to some of the world's most unique and threatened species. A local response enables much better outcomes!

We think they do amazing and important work and we are proud to support them with our bottle return and re-use scheme as well as with every online sale. 


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