Central Otago Thyme


Here at Wild Dispensary not only do we live in, but we celebrate the landscape and the amazing plants that grow in our region.  We also highlight and hero them - in particular Central Otago Thyme. 

Central Otago Thyme has long been utilised for its powerful medicinal qualities. 

There is a reason why this amazing plant is so powerful and it is in large part due to the climate that it grows in. Anyone that has visited Central Otago will know it gets the hottest summers and the coldest winters and this massive variety of temperature and climate makes the Thyme that grows there incredibly strong and the active constituent within it (thymol) super potent and effective.

Effectively the plant Thyme, needs its own immune system and that is the production of this constituent thymol. Thymol is a powerful deterrent to other invading plants, bacteria, viruses or fungi and by harvesting this plant we too benefit from it’s ‘immunity and protection’ 

Thymol is both antibacterial, antiviral and has been used traditionally for years in Europe in order to help with winter ills and chills, bronchitis, coughs, sore throats and runny noses as well as helping to act as a:

  • Spasmolytic
  • Expectorant

We use Central Otago Thyme in a range of our immunity products:

  • Chest Tonic
  • Defence Elixir
  • Throat Spray

We have chosen Central Otago Thyme because honestly, it is such a powerful and versatile plant that brings a huge range of benefits to us and our families - in particular when it comes to immunity and symptomatic relief from ills and chills.

As we move into the winter months of the year, we suggest starting your day with a warm Chest tonic to help protect and fortify immune systems. We have made dosing for our versatile tonic flexible so you can adjust just how much you need. It is safe for the whole family and vegan friendly.

We love celebrating and using the plants that grow at our doorstep and we are proud to be able to provide you the therapeutic and powerful Central Otago Thyme.

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