Liver Bitters- 50ml
Wild Dispensary Liver Bitters is a synergy of carefully selected organic herbs for liver, digestion and hormone support. The plants used in this blend help to support your livers natural functions. Ideal for incorporating into your daily lifestyle for good...
Rest and Calm- Nervine Tonic for Adults
One of the most important things we need for our health is a restored nervous system. Our nervous system is what helps us get through the day and is most affected when we are stressed/anxious or tired.  So many of...
Daily Boost Tonic- 300ml & 200ml
Wild Dispensary Daily Boost Tonic contains rosehips, nettle, and kawakawa.  A rich plant-based vitamin and mineral supplement to support energy and vitality. Delicious tasting and suitable for adults and children.   Targets and supports: General Well-Being and Recovery • Use as...
from $29.95
Rest and Calm- Kids Nervine tonic
Wild Dispensary's nervine tonic uses organic Chamomile and Central Otago Californian Poppy. These amazing herbs help support the nervous system and also help support healthy sleep. Great if your child needs support for: finding their calm, if wound up or...
Rest and Calm and Liver Bitters - Gift-pack
Wild Dispensary brings you two great products in a gift pack - the perfect gift for the festive season. This gift-pack deal saves you around 10% off normal retail. These therapeutic tinctures are easy to take, bring anywhere and effective.  The Bitters...
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