What You Need To Know If You Are New To Herbal Medicine


New To Herbal Medicine?

It can be a little confronting or possibly scary when you start something new. Natural medicine can feel just the same. You might hear of things that can go wrong or why you can’t take this or that – but often we don’t know the why.

Let's take St John’s wort for example. You might know that you can’t take this with medication, but do you know why? St John’s wort is amazing, as a tea, as an oil, or as an extract. It can help our nervous system, nerves, and immune system. We have it in our Golden Skin Repair which can be used to relieve nerve and muscle pain, and to ease irritated or damaged skin (used topically doesn't interfere with medications).

But here's the thing, Saint John's Wort also improves liver clearance – so if we are on long term slow release medication like Warfarin or any other blood pressure medication, then we don't want that leaving our body before it needs to. So, St John’s Wort (in certain formats and doses) is not recommended. 

But in general as long as you are taking herbal medicine as directed and seeking help with anything you're unsure of, you'll be fine!

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Safety In Mind

Here at Wild Dispensary we formulate with safety in mind. We know that you (the lovely general public) could pick up our formulas wherever you are and take it. That is the whole point and we love this accessibility, but that also means we must think about making the safest most effective product possible for you. 


Everyone Is Different

Making a product that is just right for everyone can be difficult, because everyone is different. We all live differently, eat differently and metabolise things differently. For example, I know that my tolerance for herbal medicine is high so I can have quite hefty doses, but I also have friends that are very sensitive to the mildest herbs in the smallest amounts and they would not be ok with what I could take. 

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How Much Should You Take?

We have suggested doses that we think will work for most of you all out there and we have a flexible dosing suggestion for our products. Remember we are always here to chat if you need guidance!

But for those that are new to herbal medicine or feel that you are quite sensitive, we always advocate for safety and sustainability. We want this to work for you and not be another wasted product you tried/couldn’t take.

So, we suggest that you start at a half dose, sit there for a week and see how you feel before moving up. Because we all metabolise things differently and you might be ok at the smaller dose. And if that is the case – best news! It will last longer and you will have found the perfect natural medicine sweet spot that is as individual as you are. 

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