Summer Skin Health Naturally


One of the most common complaints is skin. 

Itchy, irritated, sore, bumpy, acne prone, dry - skin issues can present in many ways. But they all feel crap.

Skin health is so important, it can be an indicator of what is going on internally and it can also make us make health changes we might not have looked at previously.

Skin loves water, it likes to be hydrated. So drinking water regularly is important. Especially if you drink coffee or tea (or wine or gin). Water can also be ‘herbal teas’ watery fruits and vegetables (celery, lettuce, watermelons etc) but the best thing is water.

Skin also likes fats. Omega 3 fats - stuff like walnuts, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds and oily fish. Sprinkle seeds on salads, smoothies, slices. Make walnut mylk or chia seed puddings.

Skin loves zinc. Zinc helps with healing and helps to reduce inflammation. Super helpful for hormones too. Zinc can be found in lentils, hemp seeds,cashew and almonds, wholegrains and eggs. 

Things that support your skin are things that support your liver (dark green leafy vegetables, bitters, and topical oils, but not harsh cleansers).   Bitters are good for the skin because they support your liver and your natural elimination pathways. Often poor skin is a sign that the body is under strain. If things can not be eliminated via the kidneys (urine) or bowels (faeces) then the body tries to push it through the skin. By supporting the liver it helps reduce this load and also helps with clearer skin. 

When choosing products that are going on your skin remember it is our largest organ (around 3.6kg for some of us!) so we need to be mindful of what we are absorbing. 

Look for products that are natural, with no parabens, and non-petrochemical based products. 

Our skin likes oil, most people worry about putting oil on oily skin but it is easily absorbed and helps with hydration, healing, and moisturising, as well as balancing oil levels within our skin.

Our Golden Skin Repair is an awesome (not biased at all) oil to have in your first aid kit and bathroom cupboard. We have infused Kawakawa and St John’s wort in organic olive oil to give you a nourishing, deeply restorative oil that can help with:

  • Skin repair (irritated/itchy/cracked/burnt/dry skin)
  • Assist with pain relief from nerve pain (St John’s Wort is amazing for this)
  • Deeply nourishing after a day at the beach, on the water or out gardening etc 
  • Great for healing wounds or grazes
  • Relieving the itch from itchy bites
  • Help with rashes


Chronic skin concerns can be really hard to manage and live with. What have you found helpful?


AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 


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