A bit about Wild Dispensary

We celebrate local, native and wildcrafted plants with a comprehensive range of natural medicinal formulations. Harvested from the rugged Dunedin coast to the dry mountains of central Otago, the wild and native herbs used in Wild Dispensary’s products are carefully selected and sustainably harvested.

With a certified medical herbalist and naturopath at the helm of the product formulation, Wild Dispensary use the power of nature to deliver a range that supports optimal health and provides robust natural defence for immunity.

We're genuinely committed to a core business ethos that is environmentally and socially responsible. From sustainable harvest methods, strict waste audits and initiating a bottle re-use scheme, to supporting to the local Dunedin Wildlife Hospital, you can feel assured knowing you are making the right choices for your health and the environment. 

Wild Dispensary- Wild Herb Formulas

Why Wild Harvesting

The point of difference we pride ourselves on lies in our name. 𝗪𝗶𝗹𝗱.
Every single one of our products has a wild element. That connection with nature, and the value it holds is so important, we wanted a piece of it in every bottle. Wild harvesting offers not only premium and potent traditional plant medicine- but also a connection to nature for us and you- our customers.

We are truly passionate about providing natural medicine right from our very own backyard.

A bit about us

We are just like you. We have families, we work, we enjoy life. We want to you to know how to help the most important people in your life.

But most importantly we are people that want to share what is awesome about what we know. Plants.

We are so lucky to be surrounded by our own wild dispensary. The co –founders of Wild Dispensary are a passionate bunch from Dunedin, who love being amongst New Zealand’s outdoors, from the coast to the mountains and all the wild spaces in-between.

A dispensary is a place where something is dispensed, especially medicines, and we only have to look in the wild places around us to find medicinal plants and herbs. From the mountains in Central Otago to the plants in our backyard.

Thyme Wild Harvest.

Skye Macfarlane is our Naturopath and Medical herbalist. She has worked in Health education for the last five years and continues her own practice. She is our chief formulator and educator. She also grows organic medical herbs and greens with her Husband Jed, on their block of land - Mihiwaka Vern Paddock. 

Co-founder Ruth Vaughan is passionate about sustainable business with a background in native plants and Environmental Science. Ruth looks after the operations, sales and administrative side of running Wild Dispensary.

Co- founder Gerald Davies comes from a diverse background from chefing, to landscaping and now business management and consulting. The three of us get around the table together and ensure that our small business is growing to be the best it can be for you- our customers.

We think things are better in a team and love working together.

We are Dunedin proud and being in Dunedin gives us such great access to the amazing plants we use in our awesome formulas. Yes we wild craft our ingredients, but we do so sustainably.

Our Products- Safety and Efficacy

Our products are formulated by a medical herbalist, but designed for you and your family. Compliance, safety, and efficacy is the utmost importance to us. Each formulation is carefully considered and made locally in Dunedin, New Zealand.

The core of who we are at Wild Dispensary is about sourcing high quality, potent ingredients to create the best products we can. Our ingredients are carefully selected and sustainably harvested, and verified organic and locally grown where feasible.

Kids Rest and Calm



Our Ethos and Culture

Beyond producing high quality, potent and pure herbal medicine and formulations, our core values as a business are to genuinely commit to having a sustainable business ethos. This includes factoring in social and environmental factors into the way we do things.

From initiating a bottle re-use scheme locally, to carrying out waste audits after production, working around the young people in our families and supporting a pretty great local charity- The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.

We are proud to be Living Wage certified. A commitment we truly believe in- to help address the rising inequality in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

Living Wage Employer

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