We care about the health of the environment

Plastic pollution and the waste crisis we all face means we all need to do a little more towards positive change for our planet and the species in it. Traditional linear economies have created huge resource wastage along with land and water degradation. As a business we are aware, that we contribute to this issue. Therefore we believe it is our responsibility to strive for best practice.

  • We have a bottle re-use scheme 
  • We actively seek waste minimisation 
  • We compost 100% herb and organic matter
  • Our dispatch is 100% plastic free
  • Our labels are printed on Rocktak- a calcium carbonate byproduct and a more environmental choice than standard synthetic labels
  • We do waste audits to see where we can do better
  • Wild Harvesting has a low impact as we are sourcing herbs that are in abundance as nature intended them, and without packaging

Thyme- Wild Harvest

Bottle Re-Use Scheme

  • We'll donate $1 to the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital for every bottle returned
  • You can return your bottles to selected nation wide suppliers OR simply collect 6 or more and get in touch with us and we'll get a courier to come and collect
  • Please email info@wilddipsensary.co.nz for courier collection

Wild Dispensary Bottle Return

Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

The Wildlife Hospital is based in Dunedin and is the only facility of its kind in the South Island of New Zealand. They treat a variety of animals including native birds, penguins, and sea lions. The Hospital is crucial for the survival of many of these creatures.

Up to 80% of our native species are under the threat of extinction. Both our native species and their habitats are in need of help! Dunedin Wildlife Hospital are the only facility of it's kind in the South Island, which is home to some of the world's most unique and threatened species. A local response enables much better outcomes! We think they do amazing and important work and are proud to support them with our bottle returtn and re-use scheme as well as with every online sale. 

Dunedin Wildlife Hospital


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