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Welcome friend! We’re grateful that you have landed on our little corner of the internet and we understand that you might be wanting to get to know us a little better. Understandable. Now more than ever consumers, like yourself, are doing their research. They want to know where the products they are buying come from and how they’re made. 

Quite often the first thing I do when I’m on a company's website is navigate straight to the “sustainability” section. I want to know what is it that they do for the planet and whether or not they are worthy of my purchase!

This is especially true for products that we are actually consuming. Not only do we worry about how its production is affecting the earth, we’re worrying about how it will affect us. What am I actually putting into my body?

Your body works unbelievably hard for you every single day, and that’s why you want to nourish it in the best way that you can, right? Whether this be with organic products and whole foods, consulting a naturopath or simply growing your own vegetables or keeping it local at the farmers market, it is all, in it’s small way, giving back to your body and investing in the most important thing you have, your health.

We have these exact same values. And this is kind of where our story starts.


Our products

Our products are a celebration of local, organic, native and wildcrafted plants.

Our range offers a large array of natural medicinal formulations that help everything from your mood, anxiety, stress and sleep to immunity and respiratory issues.

While we always emphasise that plant medicine is complementary, not alternative, it has and always will play an integral part of human health.

Sometimes you want something natural, something that won't come with a long list of side effects. And that’s where we come in.

Having a naturopath at the helm of the product formulation means these are products you can trust.


Who are we?

Ruth, Ged & Skye.  Plant lovers, parents, nature lovers, just regular normal folks who have the pleasure of doing what we love everyday for a living.

Skye Macfarlane is our Naturopath and Medical herbalist. 

We just wanted to bring plants to the people. Not only with our products but also by educating people and making plant medicine more accessible. On our blog you’ll find a wealth of resources that relate to plant medicine and wild foraging. We also run workshops where you can meet us, learn and work with us to make your own plant creations (sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date).
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Wild Foraging 

The point of difference we pride ourselves on lies in our name. Wild. Every single one of our products has a wild element.

Why wild foraging? 

1 It’s sustainable. The wild herbs we forage for our formulas are from our very own backyard here in Otago. This means that they’re grown naturally with no harmful processes or chemicals, they don’t have to be shipped to us nor do they come in any packaging, all resulting in a smaller environmental footprint.

2 Wild places are so important, both from an ecological perspective and from a mental health perspective. Getting outside makes us feel good. That connection with nature, and the value it holds is so important, we wanted a piece of it in every bottle. 

3 It also comes back to educating. Plants are for everyone, not just us, and the more you know about finding and using them the better. The wild plants we use are available to you too, you’ve just got to start looking!

Wild harvesting offers not only premium and potent traditional plant medicine- but also a connection to nature for us and you- our customers.

We are truly passionate about providing natural medicine right from our very own backyard.


New Zealand Plants

We strongly believe that our medicine is around us - locally. New Zealand has a wealth of amazing, potent medicinal plants. As always we treat our traditional plants with the utmost respect and gratitude for what they do for us all.

Organic Ingredients

I know you’ve probably asked yourself this before “what am I really putting into my body?” Sure plants are great, but where did they come from? How were they grown?

Wherever possible we love to use organic plants because we know that they have had no exposure to synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. Having the best raw ingredients is of paramount importance to us, and of course for you!

We also prioritise locally grown organics! While we do import things we don't grow here in New Zealand (like our organic spices), our turmeric, calendula, chamomile, globe artichoke and sage are all grown locally and used fresh. The rest? We are continuously in the process of trying to improve and are currently collaborating with growers to expand our list of locally grown organics!



By now you’ve hopefully gotten to know us a little better. And I hope it’s clear that we care about you (that’s why we started) and we care about the planet (that’s why we run our business like we do). Not everything is where we want it to be just yet, e.g our plastic bottle lids (transparency is another value of ours), but we’re doing everything we can to do business the right way. 

  • Our dispatch is plastic-free*
  • We use glass bottles as opposed to plastic
  • We use photodegradable labels
  • We have a bottle re-use scheme
  • We compost 100% of our organic matter
  • We undertake regular waste audits to see where we can improve
  • We donate $1 from every online sale and bottle return to the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

*Our dispatch is plastic-free excluding the plastic courier labels we use to send your package. We have done research into alternatives and while we found some labels that were 'industrially compostable', you don't have the facilities at home to compost them. So, while it sounds good, they'll just end up in landfill. If we are going to do something, we want to do it right, so for now we are keeping the original plastic labels, and continuing to look for a better option.

You can learn more about the things we do to ensure sustainability below.


Living wage

It’s not all about plants, it’s also about people. 

We are proud to be an Accredited Living Wage Employer, we truly believe it’s an essential commitment businesses should take in order to help address the rising inequality in Aotearoa. 

Our sustainable business ethos goes beyond just ‘environmental’, there’s also a ‘social’ element. That means that we want to look after those who work for us and ensure they are getting paid a sustainable income. 

It doesn’t make sense to do everything we can for the planet but not look after our own employees.  This creates an awesome feedback loop because they in turn are able to put back into the community. Whether it’s doing the things they love or supporting more small local businesses, it really is a win win.


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