5 Of The Best Health Tips For Spring


Health Tips For Spring

Spring! The season of erratic weather where we are all hoping for sun and we can get snow... Anyway, we are on the fast track towards summer which means things are warming up and starting to grow in the gardens and we start to see more greenery around us. Good things! Below are some of the best health tips for spring.

Springtime is often associated with the need to start afresh – sometimes that might mean cleaning out the house or wardrobe. Or sometimes we start looking at new health and wellbeing routines or habits to incorporate into our lifestyles. 

Get Moving

This is a great health tip for spring because with the weather warming up and the extra daylight we have room to expand outdoors – be it a walk in the morning or after work. Movement is great for the body for obvious reasons; it gets the blood circulating; it helps our lymphatic system – which can help with supporting good digestion and clearer skin. Plus being outside in the sun can help with our vitamin D levels which we need for mood, immunity and bone health.


Drink More Water

My next health tip for spring is to drink some water as soon as you wake up! Try and have a glass first thing in the morning before coffee or a shower. We are often dehydrated from sleeping so it is a good idea to have a glass before the all-important coffee. For a nutrient boost start to the day you could try an overnight steep of cleavers in cold water – it helps support the lymphatic system and also works as a tonic plant to help with energy levels.


Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonally is the perfect health tip for spring because it can help boost your plant intake as well as helping with the budget. Seasonal foods are often cheaper as there is an abundance growing in the new season, so check out your local farmers market.


Eat Probiotic Rich Food

This is a great health tip for spring because a large part of your immune system resides in your gut so any sort of dysfunction can have a flow on effect to your immunity. Pre and probiotic rich foods are key to helping your gut and gut function. Prebiotics are what the bacteria live on (so think fibre - chia seeds, psyillum husks, inulin) and probiotics are the bacteria that populate your gut - you can buy probiotics from your local health store or pharmacy. But you can also incorporate foods that help your gut function and immunity - stuff like:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Miso
  • Yoghurt
  • Apple cider vinegar (like in our Switchel and Fire Cider)

Get A Good Nights Sleep

This is a health tip for spring and every season. Sleep is the best thing ever. You need it to repair and recuperate from the day, so try and get to bed at a good time, with no distractions. Add a blue light filter to your phone for night use. You need sleep. Sorry parents (we know you know this).

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