Embrace winter with warming and supportive hot tonics.

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Embrace winter with warming and supportive hot tonics.

The winter temperatures sure have hit down south. With some days starting out in the negative we’ve needed to up our game to stay warm and well. Nothing beats cosy-ing up on a winters day, with a hot brew in hand. 

Other than the basics of hand washing, eating well (and with plenty of colour and variety), continuing to move our bodies in whatever exercise works you over winter (Hot yoga is pretty bliss here in Dunedin over the winter months) and maintaining good sleep and rest patterns- adding some supportive herbs and tonic’s can also be of benefit to our health.

As the seasons change and we begin to feel the depths of winter, adding more hot fluids into our daily routines can be a nourishing ritual.  

Warming herbs such as cinnamon, ginger, star anise, and cloves are especially good in winter. Cinnamon stimulates circulation, and can aid digestion and immunity. Our Immunity Tonic is full of these spices and support the tonic's main ingredient of Elderberries- an immune-stimulant with antioxidant and antiviral effects. 

Elderberry Hot Tonic- Immunity Tonic from Wild Dispensary

We love using our Immunity Tonic to:

  • Keep ourselves well throughout the ills and chills season
  • Aid in recovery if unwell

Another warming option for winter is our Fire cider. Fire ciders are exactly that - a cider of fire. That was slightly dramatic but the point of this product is to warm you up on multiple levels!

Our Fire cider is inspired by the amazing herbalist Rosemary Gladstar - we just added a NZ kick. We have used the traditional horseradish, cayenne, garlic and onion (plus more) then added our powerful NZ natives Kawakawa and Horopito ( NZ’s own ‘pepper’ tree). Our Fire cider is infused for 6 weeks with the vinegar mother - this important as we are squeezing in as much goodness as we can!

We love using our Fire cider to:

  • Support circulation and warm us up on cold Dunedin mornings (and nights!)
  • Help clear sinuses or clear a ‘stuffy’ head when we are feeling under the weather
  • Support digestion - taken before meals to help support digestive function. Helpful for those that suffer from bloating and indigestion.

You can have our cider diluted (which we recommend when you first start using it), neat or in hot drinks.

Our full range of Restorative Tonics make lovely hot drinks- the Immunity, Chest, Anti-Flam and Rosehip. Equally so do our functional vinegar range- the Switchel and Firecider.

Ruth loves supercharging her Anti-Flam tonic with Fire cider on a cold Otago Farmers market morning! What about you? Have you tried our Fire Cider?


AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 

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  • Posted on by Marcia

    I love that your tonics are so versatile. And you’re right, nothing is more cosy than snuggling with a hot drink in hand! Plus the immunity tonic TASTES SO GOOD!!

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