Elderberry Switchel 200 ml

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Elderberry Switchel 200 ml - Wild Dispensary

Wild Dispensary Switchel

A switchel is a concentrated uplifting energy tonic, slightly sour, with a hint of sweet and is often referred to as one of the original electrolyte tonics.  We have based Wild Dispensary’s Switchel on an 17th century recipe drunk by haymakers as a replenishing tonic after a day in the field of hard physical labour.  

Our Switchel combines Otago elderberries, fresh ginger root, mānuka leaves and flowers which are infused for several weeks in raw organic apple cider vinegar and raw Dunedin honey.

Enjoy our Switchel as a morning probiotic, an afternoon pick-me-up, or as an after-activity rehydration drink.

Wild Discovery Apples (Courtesy of Bob Balmer CC Attribution Generic 2.0)


Raw apple cider vinegar, Otago elderberries, fresh ginger root, mānuka leaves and flowers, raw Otago honey

Manuka flower New Zealand

                                                                                                         Manuka flower

Recommended dosage

Dilute 5 ml (child) or up to 10 ml (adult) with up to 10 parts hot or cold water.

Take neat as a ‘wellness shot’

If unwell increase to 5 ml – 10 ml every 3-4 hours.

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