Your Liver Needs Love: How To Support Liver Health in 2023


Your liver is one of the most important organs you have which is why learning how to support liver health is essential. It protects you from many things and is intrinsically tied to your digestive system. This places your liver at the core of your health and wellness. Natural health practitioners will often go straight to supporting your liver if you're experiencing health issues.

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What Does Your Liver Do?

Your liver processes your hormones, medication, alcohol, environmental chemicals, toxins, carbohydrates and fats. Given that we encounter most of this list daily, you can see why it's an incredibly important organ. When you are overworked and tired or when you have been eating pretty average food, you feel sluggish and slow. The same goes for your liver, so sometimes it needs a helping hand.

There's a common misconception that after you've been binging on unhealthy food or alcohol and want to reset, you need to 'detox'. But doing a juice cleanse isn't necessary because your liver is detoxing for you every day. Your liver does, however, need support, and this can come from both your lifestyle and diet. If you're wondering how to support your liver health, here are some symptoms you might notice if your liver is struggling and some amazing plants you can incorporate that can help.

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Why Diet Is Important When Supporting Your Liver Health

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a major chronic liver disease that can lead to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and death. Due to the modern diet being more and more processed, this is a real health concern for a growing number of us.

NAFLD is now the most common liver disease in western countries. It is said to affect up to 30% of adults, with it expected to increase as high as 50% by 2030. Its predominant cause is the modern diet that is more processed and higher in refined carbohydrates. People with NAFLD don't have symptoms, and it's discovered through elevated liver enzyme levels. The increasing prevalence of this disease shows how important a healthy diet is in supporting your liver.

Signs Your Liver Needs Support

The most crucial part of knowing how to support liver health is knowing when your liver is struggling. So, how do you know if your liver needs support? You might be on long-term medication (like the oral contraceptive pill etc.), eating foods that have been heavily processed and are high in fat, or drinking a lot of coffee, alcohol and sugary beverages. All these things place a burden on your liver and lead to congestion.

Congestion within the liver can affect bile flow which can lead to inflammation. Under stress, your liver can find it hard to process the ingested fats and cholesterol, which can lead to gallstones for some. Others may find they can’t tolerate certain foods anymore - they may become constipated or suffer from diarrhoea after a fatty meal. Others may notice their skin is more prone to breakouts or feels itchy or irritated.

As we have just started a new year and now have the excesses of Christmas and New Year behind us, you should actively focus on supporting your liver if it has taken a hammering over the silly season.

How you can support your liver using food


Turmeric’s flavonoid curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that supports the liver through its mechanism of action - promoting gluathione detoxification pathways and protecting liver cells. Turmeric is well studied and has been the subject of over 5,000 scientific and clinical studies over the last 10 years.

We use turmeric in our Anti-Flam Tonic, which is an easy and delicious way to increase your intake. But you can also add turmeric into your cooking, juices, smoothies, sauerkrauts.

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Beetroot is high in betaine which supports your liver detoxification pathways. A 2021 study found that the high levels of nitrate found in beetroot also helped boost blood flow and increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles during exercise. Increased blood flow helps athletes perform better and supports faster recovery. Beetroot can also protect against alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity. So, maybe at the next BBQ you attend, you could bring a raw beetroot salad…

If you’re wondering how to support your liver health with beetroot, here are some easy ways to incorporate it into your diet. As mentioned above, a beetroot salad. Grate it raw or cut into chunks and roast it. You can also have it as a juice or blend a can of drained beetroots with olive oil, garlic and salt and add it to your pasta for a quick midweek meal.


Artichoke leaves are highly nutritive. The leaf is the hero plant in our Liver Bitters, and it has been used traditionally for hundreds of years to support liver and digestive health. It is high in antioxidants, it supports liver cell regeneration and helps with cholesterol and hormonal imbalances. It has been used to support blood sugar imbalances as well.

You could use artichoke leaf to support liver health by adding our bitters to your water bottle or to sparkling water at night instead of wine. Consider adding in artichoke dips, salads and soups from the fruit of the artichoke plant as well. Barkers make a lovely artichoke dip.

Things You Can Do To Support Liver Health

Health is an everyday thing, which we know can feel overwhelming, but it can be simple. So let’s focus on simple ways to support your liver health. It can be as easy as adding in a bitter taste at least once a day.

You could do that by:
  • Making a dark green leafy salad
  • Adding Liver Bitters to your water bottle
  • Making sure you are well hydrated to help your body flush out the waste it is removing from your body
  • Having less alcohol in the week or less coffee in the day
All these small things add up. It will soon become your habit, and then you won’t even have to think about it. Remember, it is not about a ‘detox’. A detox can be more stressful and sometimes harmful for your body; it is about supporting your body when it needs a helping hand.


  • Posted on by Natasha
    Great information, simple effective to help assist the health of your liver and its use within the body as well as great tips of how to find it in food. Will start taking my liver bitters.

    Thanks, off to buy more artichokes as unfortunately Tumeric and Beetroot upset my stomach. Love both but they don’t love me sadly.

  • Posted on by Penny Mulholland
    Thanks for the information I really appreciate it I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, that’s helpful.

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