6 Small And Easy Healthy Habits You’ll Actually Be Able To Keep

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The new year is in full swing; in fact, it already feels like it is accelerating at speed. We are not fans of creating a list of resolutions, as it can add another layer of stress and pressure in an already busy and stressful existence.

We are fans of incorporating small and manageable activities that might become a habit and help improve your well-being. The key thing is consistency. It is the stuff you do every day that makes it stick. And what makes consistency easy is creating easy healthy habits that feel good and do good. Here are some easy healthy habits from the Wild D headquarters that we're trying this year.

Before you start, this great podcast with Steven Bartlett really breaks down what it takes to make a habit stick. He gives you 5 simple rules that are based on the science of making and breaking habits. Use these to help smash your goals for 2023!

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1 Prioritise Protein - Ruth

Like many of us, I am busy with my family, running a business and generally trying to look after myself. This can mean that I often forget to have substantial meals. Last year I read about the importance of adding protein to each meal to help with feeling full and blood sugar balancing - which helps with stable energy levels and better sleep.

This year I have started to prioritise my meals and to have ‘emergency’ protein-rich snacks on hand at work and home. This is an easy healthy habit to incorporate by either switching toast to an omelette for breakfast or adding some protein bars to my bag when I know I have a busy day ahead.

2 Switch to 50/50 coffee - Ruth

I love coffee, but sadly, the caffeine in coffee does not love me. I tried to stop drinking coffee before Christmas and felt so much better, but the pull of coffee was strong. I missed the taste and the social aspect, so I have made a compromise this year. I will still have my daily coffee, but it will be a 50/50 blend of decaf and regular coffee beans. 

3 Daily Movement - Skye

I am not a fan of exercise. I know why it is great for me, but I really don’t love ‘exercise’. So I often don’t do it. I get caught up in the: it must 30 minutes, it will be hard and I will probably have to wear a t-shirt - all things that I am not a fan of.

I read a post by Maisie Hill the other day and her goal for 2023 was daily movement. Just 10 minutes a day. That’s it. Nothing massive, no active wear needed (maybe) and I thought I could do that. I don’t hate movement and 10 minutes is not intimidating. So that is my goal, introducing the easy healthy habit of movement for 10 minutes each day (and no I am not counting walking to the fridge).

4 Reduce Alcohol On The Weekdays - Skye

I am a fan of gin, which is no surprise to anyone. However, this year I want to reduce the amount I am drinking during the week as often I am not actively enjoying the drink - it is more of a thing that helps get me through the dinner/bedtime routine.

This year I am aiming to try and have sparkling water with our Switchel of Liver Bitters instead of gin or wine. Then in the weekend, I can enjoy having a nice drink in a more relaxed way. That way, my liver gets a break, and I hope to get better sleep. That’s the plan anyway…

5 Biking To Work - Tamara

I am aiming to bike to work at least once a week to help increase my movement as well as reduce how much I am driving. Plus I don’t have to pay for parking which is a bonus! Doing an easy healthy habit like this doesn't put too much pressure on yourself. It doesn't have to be biking, it could be walking to get your coffee in the morning or getting dropped off to walk the last kilometer home. Switches like this are good for you and can be good for the planet. 

6 Use What I Grow In The Garden - Tamara

I am growing so many great things in my garden at home, but sometimes, I only utilise some of what I have grown. This year I will use what is in my garden - make pickles or give seedlings and cuttings to friends to help them grow their own food.


As you can see, we are starting with small achievable goals that are already in our orbit - we don’t have to buy new equipment, sign up for expensive plans or completely change how we live. Easy healthy habits come from what we do daily, so we hope these ones stick.

There are some great books that you can look at that help make these goals become more sustainable and consistent:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle
  • Four thousand weeks by Oliver Burkeman 

What are you going to try out this year? Let us know!

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    Thanks for the great ideas. I’ll be implementing most of them 🙂

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