We're Updating Our Prices - Here's Why


We really don't like to do this, because making our range accessible is so important to us - but so is maintaining the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. Unfortunately, after months of deliberation, we’ve come to the conclusion that our prices simply have to increase.

We’re not the type of company to spring this on you, or just bump prices up and hope no one notices, so we’re giving you a few weeks warning and a totally transparent explanation about why our prices will be going up.

Since launching Wild Dispensary in 2016 our prices have remained almost exactly the same – we increased the price of the Chest Tonic and Daily Boost last year to bring them into line with the two other tonics, and bumped up the Golden Skin Oil and Defence Elixir. But other than that, prices across our entire range haven’t changed in almost six years.

In those six years, not only has inflation increased our costs, but Covid-19 has seen distribution prices lifted by local delivery companies and global sea freight costs increase dramatically. This makes our bottles, lids and labels far more expensive, and while we’re super committed to recycling as many as possible, we’ve also grown beyond our ability to keep a closed loop for bottles.

Over the years we’ve also changed some of our formulations to include more powerful ingredients that offer more effective support for you and your family. We prioritise premium ingredients from local New Zealand growers, and we pay a Living Wage while manufacturing our own products to ensure their quality. None of this comes cheap, and we’ve worn a lot of these costs because it is so important to us that our products are accessible - but we simply can’t do this any longer.

Some might argue we’ve got some other options, but we disagree.

Yes, we could cut our costs, by importing herbs and outsourcing production, and not only would this reduce the strength and quality of our products, but it goes against our ethos of supporting local to see vibrant self-sustaining economies and communities.

In theory we could also decrease our margins, but please believe us when we say we’ve been doing that for longer than we should have.

Compared to other similar NZ companies, our margins are lower and our costs are higher, while our range is priced below the market value – and will continue to be following this increase.

Therefore, at 9am on the 15th of February, prices will be increasing across our range. These new prices are approximately 15% higher than they are now, and are closer to reflecting the true cost of our products. We know that the quality of our products is just as important to you as it is to us, and we really hope that you’ll stick with us long after the 15th.


- The team at Wild Dispensary


  • Posted on by Brydie @ Wild Dispensary
    Hi Leesa! Thank you so much for your support, we’re so grateful to hear that you agree with us, and hope we can continue to support you for years to come!
  • Posted on by Leesa Eade
    I believe your products are worth every penny, I believe that having strong natural ingredient products on the market are absolutely crucial at this point in time .

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