The Health Benefits Of Rosehip In Our Daily Boost Tonic


We are excited to launch our reformulated Rosehip Tonic! We have changed the name to Daily Boost because the plants we have chosen help to do exactly that – boost! 

What Is In Daily Boost?

Daily Boost is a liquid nutritive formula that combines the powerful health benefits of rosehip, kawakawa, and nettle. 

The Health Benefits Of Rosehip

There are countless health benefits of rosehip. However, one of the most important benefits is that it has an exceptionally high vitamin C content. In fact, rosehips contain one of the highest plant-based forms of vitamin C – which we all need as we cannot produce this vitamin ourselves. Vitamin C helps not only reduce inflammation but also helps support your immunity and helps when you are sick with fighting the ills and chills.

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Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed for collagen and skin repair so it can be helpful for keeping your skin healthy. But also, vitamin C is super important for adrenal health – when you are stressed, you use your vitamin C stores within your body to make stress hormones. If you do not have enough vitamin C, you can become deficient and this can open you up to falling unwell and feeling more stressed and tired.

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Synthetic vitamin C supplements are mass-produced and often at a high dose that the body cannot absorb. Another particularly important health benefit of rosehip is that it is a natural source of vitiman C. We have chosen to use natural vitamin C to add to your daily intake to keep your levels at a range that you can absorb and utilise.

Benefits Of Nettle

Nettle – a herbalist’s favourite! Nettle is a prolific plant that grows everywhere. Some might call it a weed, but we call it a powerhouse. While there are many health benefits of rosehip, the same is true of nettle.

Nettle provides us with a large spectrum of vitamins and minerals that we need daily. These include vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium, just to name a few! These are needed to support our bodies and a healthy nervous system. Nettle is also high in plant-based iron and chlorophyll, which can help with supporting energy levels and our detoxification pathways.

Benefits Of Kawakawa

Our Daily Boost Tonic incorporates the health benefits of rosehip, nettle and one other important plant. Kawakawa!  Kawakawa is one of our favourite New Zealand natives. We love the support kawakawa gives the whole body. It helps reduce inflammation, support immunity and was used traditionally as a tonic herb. 

Both nettle and kawakawa are known as tonic herbs – this basically means plants that help support a healthy body – or help to support recovery from unwellness/fatigue. 

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Why Daily Boost Is Right For You

The combination of these two powerful tonic herbs and our amazing Central Otago Rosehips makes this daily tonic the easiest way to support your whole body – to boost your nutrient intake, to boost your energy, to boost your vitality.

We are so excited about this formula and we hope you are too. It combines the amazing health benefits of rosehip, nettle and kawakawa, offering you a fully plant-based ‘multivitamin/mineral’ formulation that the whole family can take. 

You can purchase our Daily Boost Tonic here.

 A restorative tonic- hot or cold

AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 

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