• How do viruses work?

    How do viruses work?

    How do viruses work? This very cool (short) video shows you just how our body reacts to a virus- Cell vs. virus: A battle for health- Shannon Stiles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqGuJhOeMek   Despite the big viral elephant in the world - Autumn is the start of the normal ‘ills and chills’ season so if you feel a little under the weather we have some tips: Usually...
  • Where can you get Wild Dispensary products now?

    Where can you get Wild Dispensary products now?

    Hi all, Just a quick update on where you can still access our Wild Herbal Formulas with all of these rapid changes! We do have stock but have just taken it offline to respect the rules of level 4 in New Zealand at the moment. Stay tuned to our social for updates and a focus on the medicine and wild weeds growing in your...
  • Our Covid-19 Status and Updates

    Our Covid-19 Status and Updates

    Our Covid-19 Status and Updates Firstly- we hope each of you are doing okay with these rapid changes that have swept both New Zealand and the world. We just wanted to update you as things have changed very quickly: We along with all "Natural Health Services" are still in a grey area that officials are unsure yet whether we can continue as an essential...
  • 🌏When pandemics happen🌏

    🌏When pandemics happen🌏

    🌏When pandemics happen🌏 This week has been a big one for everyone; for our physical health, mental health and also the health of the world and it’s economy. We feel it too - we are just the same as you all - every-time we hear the news or read the headlines we are also finding it all quite intense and hard to fathom.😞 We...
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