5 Winter Wellness Tips for a Happy Healthy Season


In winter, you are inside more and in closer contact with people, and that can lead you to catch more respiratory viruses. Winter is also the time of the year when your energy levels drop, there’s less light (therefore less vitamin D for immune support), and you feel like you need more sleep and rest.

In combination, these factors are often a recipe for unwellness. So, here are a few winter wellness tips that can help keep your whole family healthy this winter season.

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Our naturopaths top 5 winter wellness tips 

1. Embrace herbs

Herbal medicine works incredibly well, preventatively. Herbs like thyme and elderberry can do wonders in winter, so find ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Studies have shown that elderberry can help relieve the symptoms of ills and chills, but it can also help preventatively. Research has shown that taking elderberry helps prevent viruses from attaching to the cells of the nose and throat, which allows you to digest or expel the virus without becoming infected. Taking elderberry daily, like in our Immunity Tonic, can help you prepare for whatever winter brings.

Thyme has strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, so it's great for immune support. This is why we use it in our Throat Spray, Vira Elixir and Chest Tonic. All of which can be used preventatively for winter wellness.

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2. Eat well

Nutrition is essential for winter wellness. It's true you don't have the same variety of produce in winter as in summer, but what is in season is still amazing for you. Pumpkins, kumara, citrus, kiwifruit and even potatoes all have naturally high vitamin C, so try to include them in your diet where possible. 

It's easy to forget to hydrate in winter - either because you don't feel thirsty or a glass of cold water just isn't appealing. One of our favourite winter wellness tips is finding delicious ways to stay hydrated. Try warm water in your drink bottle, herbal teas, hot herbal tonics or soups to keep your liquids up. 

3. Consider supplements

One of our most important winter wellness tips is ensuring you get enough essential minerals and vitamins. These are vital to your health and something your body can't produce on its own. Two great supplements for winter are zinc and vitamin C. Zinc helps your body repair and supports a healthy immune response. Supplementing over the winter months can help support you when you are around more bugs.

You need vitamin C in winter because it helps support your immunity. It does this by promoting the production and increasing the effectiveness of white blood cells - which work to fight infection. Supplementing ensures you have enough vitamin C and zinc to help keep you healthy during winter.


4. Try 'wintering'

Try and make the most of the shorter days in winter and get some sleep. People are often recognise that they need more sleep in the winter months. There are actually "wintering" movements that advocate for slower living and adapting more to the winter season - which includes more sleep or more restful acitivities. It might be a great time to have an earlier bed time to try and rest and restore.

5. Basic hygiene

When it comes to winter wellness tips, basic hygiene is always important. Viruses are not going away, so remember the simple stuff; hand washing, sanitiser and physical distancing or masks if you are around unwell people. If you are sick, wear a mask around others or stay away from your work place so you don't risk making others ill. These are simple things that might save you from getting sick, or at least from spreading something around.

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