New Zealand Native Herbs

We strongly believe that our medicine is around us - locally. New Zealand has a wealth of amazing, potent medicinal plants. As always we treat our traditional plants with the utmost respect and gratitude for what they do for us all.


Botanical name: Dodonaea viscosa
Parts used: Leaves, seeds and root.

Main uses: Internally for pain. Helps with fevers, Inflammation and gut cramps or spasms.

Used topically: Toothache, Headaches (helps to rub on temples), Rub on joints, cuts, bites and skin rashes.

Akeake is a fast-growing shrub that flowers in late autumn and will often self-seed. In Dunedin you can find it as parts of shelter belts.

Wild Dispensary products that include akeake:

Anti-Flam Tonic and Chest Tonic


Botanical name: Pseudowintera colorata; P. axillaris
Common names: Peppertree
Parts used: Fruit and leaves.

Main uses: Horopito is hot. It is supposed to be as it helps to move circulation around the body.

Wild Dispensary products that include horopito:

Anti-Flam Tonic and Fire Cider

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Botanical name: Piper excelsum

Common Name: Kawakawa

Parts used: Leaves (as well as bark and fruit) 

Main uses: Supports inflammation, immunity and was used traditionally as a tonic herb with stimulating properties helping support recovery from unwellness/fatigue.

Wild Dispensary products that include kawakawa:

Golden Skin Oil | Chest Tonic | Daily Boost Tonic | Defence Elixir

Learn more about Kawakawa


Botanical name: Leptospermum scoparium
Common name: Mānuka/tea tree
Parts used: Leaves, flowers, twigs, bark.

Mānuka is well known for the medicinal boost it gives honey. But the plant itself is amazing on its own.

Wild Dispensary products that include mānuka:

Elderberry Switchel | Immunity Tonic | Liver Bitters | Functional Vinegar Gift Pack

Learn more about Mānuka


Botanical name – Usnea barbata & other species

Common name: Angiangi/usnea
Parts used: Main body (Aerial parts)
Actions: Anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-bacterial.
Main uses: Pain relief, wound healing, fever control.

Usnea is a lichen (consisting of an alga and fungus) and has long been used in traditional herbal medicine. The Usnic acid and polyphenols are thought to provide its benefits.

Wild Dispensary products that include usnea: Fire Cider

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