3 Reasons You Need To Switch To New Zealand Organic Products

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Organic products in New Zealand are a lot more common in our lives now than ever before. We have organic food in the supermarkets, organic ingredients in our skincare and organic cotton in our clothing. But what are they and why are they important?

What Does Organic Really Mean?

Essentially, if a product is organic, it means that the plant has been grown in soil and has been produced ‘involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals’. So basically, being ‘organic’ is how nature intended it to be!

wild-dispensary-chamomile-harvestVern Organic Farm | Dunedin NZ

1 Why Does It Matter?

If you use organic New Zealand products, you can rest assured there are no nasties! Here at Wild Dispensary we love to use organic plants because we know that the plants we are using in our products have had no exposure to synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers. We also know that organic produce is often at a premium, but this is something we are willing to accept as a company. Having the best raw ingredients is of paramount importance to us.

When buying organic products in New Zealand, you know that they have been grown and tended to with the best care possible to make them grow.

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2 How It Works

Growing things organically means there is more work to be done to maintain the health of the plant. If the farmer has any pest issues the answer isn’t as simple as spraying or using chemicals. Organic farmers have to constantly think outside the box to maintain the health of their crop and the health of their soil.

Soil health is key to healthy plants and organic farming protects this important ecosystem. This ecosystem is where the plants get their nutrients from (and where we do too) so it's important that there are no chemicals. Why? Because if there are you in turn will absorb them! Adding further stress and pressure on your body.


3 How They Are Regulated

Organic products are regulated globally, you can find AsureQuality organics or BioGro organic products within New Zealand. This means that the suppliers have had to go through an extensive audit procedure and must show all inputs (things put on the plants) that have been used. To be certified there is a cost, and for some small farmers that are organic they cannot always pay for this process but this does not mean that their products are not organic.

We Use New Zealand Organics In Our Products

We always strive to choose and celebrate organics in everything we do. We know that choosing organics for everything may not be possible – but we are committed to making sure the natural medicine you are choosing for you and your family has as much organic greatness as we can find. 

By choosing organics we also help to support local farmers and suppliers that are committed to keeping our plants, soil and planet healthy and well too.

organic-products-nz-chamomileChamomile harvest | Dunedin NZ

Wild Dispensary uses BioGro certified ingredients such as globe artichoke and calendula in our Liver Bitters, which is a great if you have digestive issues. The chamomile we use in our Rest and Calm for adults and kids is also certified organic.

We also use certified organic star anise, turmeric, lemon, nettle, cinnamon, clove, orange peel, cardamom, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, oranges, horseradish, onion, garlic, parsley, mustard seeds, rosemary, oregano and ginger- to name a few.

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 Organic chamomile | Dunedin NZ

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  • Posted on by Aroha Ball
    Thank you for this email, I do like the idea of using organic native products for my health, and I think you may recognise my name and email address from purchases I have made in the past.

    I have asthma (not seriously bad) and the general hayfever/sinus problems at various times during the year, and find your products most helpful in conjunction with general prescription remedies, in fact I think they reduce my reliance on the prescription remedies.

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