5 Motherwort Benefits Everyone Needs To Know About

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Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is a remarkable plant that has earned a special place in the hearts of herbalists for its diverse range of benefits. While motherwort's benefits extend to all genders, it has an undeniable affinity for women, offering much-needed support during various stages of life. Whether you suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or perimenopause, motherwort plant can help.

Belonging to the mint family, this hardy herb will self-seed and thrive in your herb garden. So, a word of caution: plant it strategically to prevent it from overtaking, as anyone familiar with the unchecked growth of mint family plants can attest to! 
Motherwort can be taken as a tea, tincture or capsule - remember it is bitter, so if you make it into a tea, you could pair it with something more flavourful like peppermint, spearmint, chamomile or rose.

We use motherwort, sagered clover, and yarrow in our Hormone Balance. This combination of herbs works to support women through every stage of life. Here are some of the health benefits of motherwort that can help support you through hormonal changes.


5 motherwort benefits

1.  Motherwort can help with menstrual cramps

Motherwort has been used for years as an effective tonic for menstrual and perimenopausal symptoms due to its anti-spasmodic actions that reduce cramping and pain. Motherwort also increases circulation. This movement of blood throughout the body allows it to help with pain and inflammation.

If you suffer from PMS, where cramps and pain get in the way of you doing the things you love, these motherwort benefits can be extremely helpful for supporting a more comfortable cycle.

Many women also experience changes during perimenopause, even when they never used to have issues with cramping or painful periods. They may start to find their cycle is different. It might feel more painful, or their period might be heavier, longer or shorter - motherwort can help in this instance, too.


2. Motherwort benefits digestion

The bitter taste of motherwort can help support sluggish digestion. Activating your bitter taste receptors greatly benefits your digestive system and your ability to break down food more efficiently. Our Liver Bitters is an amazing product that can help with digestion and liver support, and as motherwort is also bitter, it can also be helpful as a digestive support.

Supporting digestion is especially important when you have hormonal fluctuations. When you support your digestion, you help your body get rid of excess hormones by improving bowel motions and elimination. This is why we harp on about bitters so much! They help so many different parts of your body and well-being.

3. Motherwort can help support your nervous system

Susun Weed, a well-known ‘wise woman’, recommends motherwort for ‘frayed nerves, tearfulness and mood swings’. Motherwort is a plant that ‘mothers the mother’ and is often recommended for people postpartum, helping with exhaustion and irritability and for PMS and perimenopause.

Motherwort’s benefits for your nervous system are multifaceted. Its bitter taste can help switch you out of ‘fight or flight’ (your immediate stress response) and reduce physical tension throughout the body with its ability to relax muscles. Interestingly, motherwort also contains calcium, which nourishes the nervous system.

4. Motherwort can help with temperature fluctuations

The most common symptom people associate with perimenopause is the massive changes in temperature. It can be the hot flushes that can occur at the most inconvenient times of the day or the night sweats that disturb your night and make for an uncomfortable sleep. 

One of motherwort’s benefits is its ability to help balance hormones. In perimenopause, hormone fluctuation (that can go on for years) can cause very debilitating symptoms that have real and negative effects on women. The active constituents in motherwort work to reduce hot flashes and night sweats. 

5. Motherwort can help with heart palpitations

The Latin name for this plant, Leonurus cardiaca,’ means ‘lion hearted’, indicating its support for the heart. Motherwort was traditionally used to support the heart, both physically (as it can help with new blood vessel growth and strengthen electrical activity) as well as metaphorically (it can help with things like grief and sadness).

A symptom of perimenopause that can take people by surprise is the sudden onset of anxiety or anxious feelings they start to experience. Alongside these feelings, they can also notice they suffer from heart palpitations. Heart palpitations are uncomfortable and can be worrying if you have never had them

Motherwort benefits include helping to actively relax muscles due to its anti-spasmodic actions. That means it can help to relax muscles, reducing cramping and spasms. It also relaxes and supports the heart. Motherwort eases the tension and anxious feelings that can cause and occur from an irregular heartbeat and works as a tonic by supporting the cardiovascular system. 

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