Horopito | Wild Dispensary


Botanical name: Pseudowintera colorata; P. axillaris
Common names: Peppertree
Parts used: Fruit and leaves

Horopito is HOT. It is supposed to be as it helps to move circulation around the body.


-for painful bruises, joint inflammation as it helps to bring the blood flow to the skins surface
- Wounds, cuts, burns as a poultice.
- Fun gal infections such as candida albicans, ringworm
- Toothache
- Insect repellent

Internally – diarrhoea
- Stomach-ache and cramps
- Circulation booster (chilblains etc)
- Respiratory conditions (stimulating expectorant – helps you cough ‘things’ up.

Wild Dispensary product that Horopito used: Anti-Flam Tonic and Firecider



Macropiper excelsum- Kawakawa


Botanical name: Macropiper excelsum

Common Name: Kawakawa

Parts used: Leaves (as well as bark and fruit) 

An important healing herb used by Māori and still widely used today.

Main uses: to support inflammation, support immunity and was used traditionally as a tonic herb with stimulating properties.  A tonic herb basically means plants that help support a healthy body – or help to support recovery from unwellness/fatigue. 

Used topically: to support inflammation and to heal cuts, boils, bruises and skin conditions.

Kawakawa is a shade loving shrub. The leaves are often covered with insect holes caused by the kawakawa looper moth caterpillar (Cleora scriptaria).

 Wild Dispensary product that Kawakawa used: Daily Boost Tonic, Vira Defence ElixirChest TonicFirecider and Golden Skin Oil


Manuka | Wild Dispensary


Botanical name: Leptospermum scoparium
Common name: Tea tree
Parts used: Leaves, flowers, twigs, bark.

Manuka is well known for the medicinal boost it gives honey. But the plant itself is amazing on its own.

Indications: Typically you can use manuka for

- Wounds, cuts, sores
- Bacterial and fungal infections (athletes’ foot and candida)
- Skin upsets
- Mouthwash

- Nervous diarrhoea and diarrhoea in general as it is astringent (high in tannins like black tea)
- Indigestion
- Fevers
- Ills and chills
- Anxiety helps support the nervous system due to its bitter taste.

Wild Dispensary product that Manuka used: Immunity Tonic and Elderberry Switchel


Akeake | Wild Dispensary


Botanical name: Dodonaea viscosa
Parts used: Leaves, seeds, root
Main uses: Internally for pain. Helps with fevers, Inflammation, Gut cramps or spasms
Used topically: Toothache, Headaches (helps to rub on temples), Rub on joints, cuts, bites, skin rashes

Akeake is a fast-growing shrub that flowers in late autumn and will often self-seed. In Dunedin you can find it as parts of shelter belts.

 Wild Dispensary product that Akeake used: Anti-Flam Tonic and Chest Tonic


Usnea | Wild Dispensary


Botanical name – Usnea barbata & other species
Parts used – Main body (Aerial parts)
Actions: Anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-bacteria
Main uses: Pain relief, wound healing, fever control,

Usnea is a lichen (consisting of a alga and fungus) and has long been used in traditional herbal medicine. The Usnic acid and polyphenols are thought to provide its benefits

Wild Dispensary product that Unsea used: Firecider

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