Winter Wellness Gift-Pack

Regular price $65.00

A curated collection of our favourite go to Winter Products to keep you well over the ills and chills season.  Cover all the bases for a strong immune system, an irritated throat and a stuffy head with these three powerful tonics.

The Immunity Tonic, Defence Throat Spray and Firecider. With a combined RRP of $79.85- save nearly 20% by buying as a gift-pack. 

Immunity Tonic- 200ml- Recommended for a natural boost to your immune system and to aid in recovery.

Defence Throat Spray- 30ml- Recommended as a first line of defence and to ease and comfort a sore throat.

Fire Cider- 200ml - An enlivening apple cider vinegar tonic with kick which can be used to help promote healthy digestion, support circulation and clear sinuses or clear a ‘stuffy’ head when we are feeling under the weather.

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