We've used Wild Dispensary Rest and Calm as a sleep aid for those times when life can disrupt our sleep patterns (shift work, stress etc).  I find it helps to settle my busy mind and allow me to fall asleep faster.....and then stay asleep.  So I was thrilled when I saw that Wild D put out a Kid's Rest and Calm as we use this to good effect for our daughter (10 years) who has recently needed help settling herself at bedtimes.  It's great!  She now asks for it by name and it has become part of her night time routine.  I highly recommend this product (and it makes for a great gift to give friends to try!).  Thanks Wild D team- Katy

Rest and Calm- KIDS


"I wanted to pass on some feedback. We have had our 5 & 2 1/2 year on the Immunity Tonic since Feb and our kids have not been sick once this winter, they are constantly around sick children at preschool and around friend’s kids including tummy bugs etc. Last year we had numerous viruses and constant colds so it has been so fabulous for us as they are strong and robust and life has just carried on this year.  So a huge thank from our family, we are so incredibly grateful and huge fans of your products."Amanda

Immunity Tonic- Elderberry and Manuka

"So I have the The Golden Skin oil with Kawakawa and St John's wort. I've suffered an ongoing irritated lower leg, other products don't appear to help (including many natural and pharmaceutical products), hydrocortisone helps but thins skin and not ideal for prolonged use. The Golden skin oil is gentle, smells great and actually clears the itch and rash while using it 1-2x daily and for up to 4days after stopping use. I don't know how, but it works. Thanks guys!!!" - Katie

Golden Skin Oil- St Johns Wort and Kawakawa

"Our little girl is 4 1/2, and for the past few months she’s been undergoing tests and monitoring to find a diagnosis for chronic joint pain, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, hair loss etc. The Paediatrician and the Paediatric Rheumatologist chatted and asked if we could trial our little girl on ibuprofen daily for at least 3 weeks to see if that took away the pain/inflammation. We weren't too keen on that, and decided to try her on your Anti- Flam tonic.

(Our little boy who is 2, has just outgrown a blood disease called Neutropenia that he wasn't expected to have grown out of until 5, and for the last 2 years he's kept pretty well for a little boy who should have been sick a lot and we believe it was the Immunity Tonic we had him on the whole time, so of course we wanted to try this Anti-Flam.

Anyway, for the past few weeks that our little girl has been on this tonic she has had no pain, her fatigue has been less and her energy levels so much better - just about a normal little girl again. A day ago we finished the bottle, and tonight she was in a lot of pain and we suddenly realised that this tonic had actually been helping her.

Thank you so much for your time, and thank you so much for these products that you have made. They have been amazing for our family, especially our two little ones and if this is something that is going to help give our little girl so much relief in a natural way, then we are going to be super thankful for that." - Catherine

"Pretty excited about my first of hopefully many deliveries from Wild Dispensary. Super-fast delivery and awesome service. Would absolutely recommend." - Jessica

"My 7yr old loves the cough tonic and I LOVE the Immunity and Daily Boost Tonic!! I even used the oil on miss 5 and she giggled and said it smells like muesli bars! Just BEAUTIFUL products for a health and natural conscious family!" - Joh

Daily Boost- Rosehip and Nettle


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