Our products are formulated by a medical herbalist, but designed for you and your family. Compliance, safety, and efficacy is the utmost importance to us.

The core of who we are at Wild Dispensary is about sourcing high quality, potent ingredients to create the best products we can. Our ingredients are carefully selected and sustainably harvested, and verified organic and locally grown where feasible.

We process and manufacture the plants and products at our custom built facility in Dunedin, with each formulation being carefully considered.

Skye who is our product formulator holds a Bachelor of Natural Medicine from South Pacific college, and has completed Post Graduate studies in Public Health at the University of Otago. Skye is also on the board of the Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of NZ and has recently been appointed it’s research convener as well as being a member of NZAMH (New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists).



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