Functional Vinegars

Functional apple cider vinegar tonics- Firecider and Elderberry Switchel- aid in digestion, gut health, circulation and immunity. Take neat or with hot or cold water for a daily boost.


A spicy, pungent, immune boosting, apple cider vinegar-based tonic. Fire cider was formulated by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar and we've added our own unique wild Aotearoa inspired touch. It is a robust immune enhancer and can be used to support digestion, encourage circulation and clear sinuses (colds/sinusitis/hay fever). 


A concentrated uplifting energy tonic, slightly sour, with a hint of sweet and is often referred to as one of the original electrolyte tonics.  We have based Wild Dispensary’s Switchel on an 17th century recipe drunk by haymakers as a replenishing tonic after a day in the field of hard physical labour.  

Enjoy our Switchel as a morning pre-biotic, an afternoon pick-me-up, or as an after-activity rehydration drink. Our unique verison is also used to support digestion and immunity.