Wild Dispensary Launch Night - 1st June 2017 - Innov8HQ Dunedin

Grace Ockwell

High excitement as the Wild Dispensary Team launched their products showcasing them to family, friends and invited guests from the natural health industry. Well 4 of the 5 WD team - we were sad Steve Parker our herbalist couldn't make it, but hope that he and his family are managing to enjoy themselves at a surf camp in Indonesia.  It was great to share stories of our adventures hand-picking herbs and plants in the wild, and making the "potions" in Dunedin.  We've learned as we've gone along... wear gloves for gathering rose hips - Grace learned this the hard way!, and its best to gently touch the thyme to shoo away the bees.  

A big thank you to all who helped make the night such fun, and thank you to everyone who supported us and bought out tonics (Chest, Immunity and Rosehip) and oil Golden Skin Repair).

Wild Dispensary Launch Night 17 - Innov8 HQ - Dunedin



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