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Nature’s medicine right from our backyard

We've had some new subscribers lately so thought we should let everyone know a bit more about who we are and how we do things at Wild Dispensary.

Based in Dunedin- Wild Dispensary celebrate local, native and wildcrafted plants with a comprehensive range of 100% natural medicinal formulations that are designed to support general health.

Harvested from the rugged Otago coast to the dry mountains of Central Otago, the wild and native herbs used in Wild Dispensary’s products are carefully selected and sustainably harvested. With a philosophy that champions fresh, local and organic plant use, we are truly passionate about providing natural medicine right from our very own backyard.

“We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by our own wild dispensary. New Zealand’s striking and diverse landscape yields some of nature’s best medicinal plants, which historically have been harvested by generations before us.”

- Ruth Vaughan, Co-Founder Wild Dispensary

With a certified Medical Herbalist at the helm of product formulation, Wild Dispensary harness the power of plants to deliver a range of tonics, vinegars and therapeutic tinctures crafted to aid in the healing of common ailments whilst supporting general health and providing robust natural defences for immunity.

Behind the scenes of what started as a small passion project are co-founders Ruth Vaughan and Gerald Davies. Hailing from diverse backgrounds Ruth and Gerald were brought together by their shared love of plants, the New Zealand landscape and a mutual desire for sustainable business practices.

From sustainable harvesting methods, initiating a bottle re-use scheme and carrying out strict waste audits to supporting local charity The Dunedin Wildlife Hospital – Wild Dispensary pay more than just lip service to the term ‘sustainable’ and are genuinely committed to a core business ethos that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Together with certified Medical Herbalist/Naturopath- Skye Macfarlane, the trio behind Wild Dispensary ensure compliance, safety and efficacy are the backbone of production, with each formulation carefully considered and small batch made locally in Dunedin.

Thanks for reading and supporting our small business.  Use the code 'THANK-YOU' at checkout to receive 20% off your next order. As always get in touch with our contact form if you have any specific health questions.


AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 

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