Looking after the family this summer

🌞Looking after the family this summer 🌞
Summer! Sun! Sand and water hopefully!
But we don’t go on vacation from being a family so here are some ideas on how to look after those nearest and dearest to you:
If you know your wee ones (or not so wee ones) will go crazy at Aunty Helen’s buffet lunch (eating things that won’t sit so well with them) give them a protein packed smoothie about 45 minutes  before going. Also give them a dose of bitters to help with digestion support and to reduce the need to overeat.
Sprinkle some fire cider over your summer salads for an extra prebiotic and digestive support kick.
When you get home from a gathering take a dose of fire cider or bitters to help settle tummies and support your liver and digestion.
Fill up on greens. 🌿 Salad greens are everywhere now - so really no excuse for not indulging. Greens are full of chlorophyll which helps support the liver and also supports clear skin and energy levels.
Always ALWAYS sunscreen up. Remember in the game of sun vs human we never win so regularly apply and keep covered up if possible.
IF you do get a wee bit pinker than desired then apply something moisturising. Aloe Vera gel helps with sunburn relief as does our Golder skin repair that contains St John's Wort which helps with skin cell regeneration. SUPER handy for calming insect bites/grazes/ all the great things that summer brings.
💦HYDRATE - drink water regularly. It is easy to be tempted by other options but we need water to function. It helps us to think more clearly, digest our foods, look better (hydrated skin). When we are dehydrated we can suffer from headaches, fatigue and irritability - not very christmassy…
Slow down this christmas season. Enjoy hanging out with the family, or just the quiet times. We are living in an age of extreme ‘busyness’ and it is tiring us all out. Under commit this summer, try and not rush around. Read a book, take a nap (if you can) enjoy doing nothing. Being busy and rushing around is so hard on your nervous system and it can lead to getting sick (your immunity takes a hit as your body is constantly trying to support your adrenals, that is why so many of us get sick on holiday when we actually stop).
🏞Get out in nature. Summer is amazing - it is the best time to get out and enjoy our backyards. Go to the beach, the forest, even walk around the block. Getting outside is amazing for your mental and physical health.
🥳Celebrate your year 2019 was a big year for everyone. It was busy, and as we are looking at 2020 (ahhh how crazy!) take a moment to celebrate what you did this year. Take pride in the small things - write them down as a family or just reflect on how much you did. We are lucky to be celebrating the holiday season with our loved ones and that in itself is amazing enough.

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