Its FEBRUARY already- here are some small tips for a good 2020


There are 46 more weeks left in this year. 46 new opportunities to change/tweak or introduce something new. We are in FEBRUARY already and if you are wanting to make 2020 about you and your health here are some small tips.

Our suggestion - start small. You know yourself. Are you someone that will go to the gym everyday? Or are you more of a casual walk to the cafe person? Don’t set yourself up to fail - if you pick something you can easily achieve you are more likely to continue.

Here are a few ideas:

If you are not an exerciser (and Skye is one of those) start super small. Like - go for a 5 minute walk (chances are if you are out and already walking you can do more than 5 minutes but just do the 5mins). Do this every day. Block out the time and commit to it. Once you are in the habit you can increase the time.It gets you into a routine and you really can not say you don’t have 5 minutes to go for a walk can you…

If you forget to drink water (and we so need it for cognition, skin health, liver and digestive health) then as soon as you get up drink 2 glasses of water. Before your coffee!

Wanting to eat more vegetables? Hide them in smoothies, frozen avocado, cauliflower, spinach all go really well with cacao and peanut butter ...Put vegetables on your plate first and make it at least half your plate. 

Look after your liver. It really is so very important. Everything you eat, drink, put on your skin goes via your liver. It needs support. Bitters are the best thing for your liver. Luckily we can help you with that ;)

We are so excited about 2020 we have big plans and really looking forward to working with you all. 

What did you decide to do differently this decade?

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