How do viruses work?


How do viruses work?

This very cool (short) video shows you just how our body reacts to a virus.

Cell vs. virus: A battle for health- Shannon Stiles.


Despite the big viral elephant in the world - Autumn is the start of the normal ‘ills and chills’ season so if you feel a little under the weather we have some tips:

  • Usually we say stay home but luckily we have to stay home! If you are sick it is SO important that you stay home and if you have a spare room at home maybe consider moving in there for a bit so your partner doesn’t get sick as well!
  • Cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze. Wash your hands after coughing/sneezing/blowing your nose so you don’t spread the virus.
  • REST this is the way your body can do what it does best and try and fight the virus. If you are running around/working from home you are creating more pressure and stress on your body and it can not just fight the illness. SLEEP/REST (yep we used capitals).

  • Keep up your fluids. Your body will be making it difficult for the virus to move around by creating more mucus so you need to replenish your fluids to help in that process and also as you may have a fever. Mucus is a great thing so don’t worry but DO keep up your fluids.
  • Antibiotics are USELESS with a virus. You only need antibiotics if it becomes a secondary bacterial infection.
  • Washing surfaces is important when you are in a house with others so just spray clean mutual surfaces with a good cleaner.
  • Zinc is awesome for immunity so consider taking some daily - always after food as on an empty stomach it can make you feel a bit sick. And only take for one month and then have a break. Foods high in zinc are Shellfish, pumpkin seeds, legumes, hemp seeds and cashews
  • Reduce your alcohol and sugar intake as they can increase inflammation (and we are trying to make your body’s job easier by resting not harder). In the current situation this is REALLY hard but maybe start with a few days that are not centered around sugar or wine...
  • Drink herbal tonics throughout the day; we love our Immunity Tonic as it can be taken neat and also as a soothing hot drink up to 5 times a day. It is full of plants and spices that help support the immune system.

  • To help relieve a sore throat (which can indicate the first sign of catching a cold etc) you can gargle with salt water, or diluted vinegar or use our Throat Spray that can help with numbing a sore throat and also relieving any pain/discomfort.
  • If you are congested, spicy foods like Tom Yum soup or our Fire cider can help to clear the sinuses.
  • Garlic is amazing - add it to cooking like stir-fries/pasta dishes/baking. 

  • A hot bath with epsom salts can help with achy joints 
  • But really like we said above REST is so important.

Thinking of you all. Any questions ask us x


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