Bitters - Our award winning formula (Part 4)


Bitters-Our award winning formula.

Over this 4 part blog series we have shared with you the history of bitters and how bitter tastes can be beneficial to our overall health and particularly our digestion. Wild Dispensary is ALL about simplicity and sustainability. Things have to be easy to be able to be maintained and that goes for daily habits as well.

We are all busy so what we create needs to work for you. 

Hence why we formulated our Liver Bitters. 

Liver Bitters- Winner of Best of Natural Awards 2020

We have chosen :

Globe Artichoke - our main liver bitter plant.We chose this because Globe is king/queen of bitter. Globe contains cynarin, which is it’s active constituent - this stimulates the liver to produce bile which helps with breaking down food and supports the elimination pathways. 

Globe Artichoke

Calendula - is anti-inflammatory, it helps to support digestion and is also a lymphatic. It is also bitter tasting so will help to activate the bitter taste receptors.


Manuka - our amazing NZ native. So many of our natives are bitter which gives them their great digestive supportive properties. Manuka is well known for its antibacterial properties as well as imparting the bitter taste we are after.


Orange Peel and Cardamon are both bitter in a different sense and also help bring a carminative (calming) action and also contribute to taste and synergy in our blend.

Our hope is that this formula helps to support your body everyday and that you can easily use it without much thought. Including bitters into your diet can have a profound effect on your well being - it may help to improve your digestion/skin/food consumption. It has been known to help a few of us the morning after a few too many gins as well...


The team from 'The Best of Natural Awards' thought our Liver Bitters was a bit of a winner- and awarded it the winner for Best of Natural Digestion Category. Have you tried our bitters? What do you think?


AdviceUse as directed. Discontinue if any irritation arises. If symptoms persist see your health care professional. 

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